Foxholes Animal Hotel - Information

Important Information

Before your pet stops with us, there is some important information to be aware of in order to ensure your pet has the most enjoyable experience on their holiday at Foxholes. It is important you understand this information beforehand; specifically in terms of vaccination records.

Making a Booking

We can take a booking from you either: by telephone, by email, or in person. Short notice bookings (1-2 days away) are better received by telephone or in person to ensure you are booked in immedietely, emails are normally answered weekly. Due to dog walking responsibilities, you may not have your calls answered immediately between 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM and 03:00 PM and 05:00 PM.

Bookings are based on a first come first served basis, and we do become fully booked during summer months and over the christmas period.

Contact Information

Before you leave your pets with us for the first time, it is important that we have a way of contacting you; should there be any problems whilst you are away. For this reason any new customers will be asked to provide contact information at the time of arrival. For this reason we would ask you spare 10-15 minutes to allow us to collect this information.

We will also collect information in relation to your dogs registered veterinary practice and take the most recent (in date) vaccination record.


During your pets stay at Foxholes we do our best to ensure that your pet stops on the diet that they are used to at home; for this reason we stock a selection of complete dog foods, mixer biscuits and kibble; as well tinned meats in gravy, chunks and loaf varieties. If you would like more information about the brands of food that we stock please feel free to get in touch and discuss your pets requirments.

If for whatever reason your pet has a brand of food that we do not supply (e.g. medicated diet), or you wish to provide your own. Please note that we do not offer discounts.

Kennel Cough

Before your pet stops with us, we strongly recommend that your pet is vaccinated against kennel cough. Although not mandatory; the kennel cough vaccine is an important method in preventing the spread of kennel cough not just in kennels, but when your pets are out and about at home.

Pets vaccinated against kennel cough must be vaccinated a minimum of two weeks prior to stopping in kennels, the live vaccine can be passed onto other dogs during initial stages; therefore dogs without a vaccine are at risk.


Please be aware that every pet in our care needs to be fully vaccinated with their anual injections prior to boarding with us. We must see either a vaccination card or most recent print out of vaccination records from your vets.

Veterinary Attention

In the unlikely event that your pet should become ill whilst staying with us, we have a vet on-call 24 hours a day. We will ask you for full veterinary details where your pet is registered before you leave your pet with us.

Medication Requests

Throughout every stage in a pets life there can be the need for medication now and then, which is why any pets with specific medication requests can be catered for; at no additional charge. Whether your pet takes medication once/ twice a day - or at strict timescales, we cater for all medication requirements. As long as clear instructions are provided we are more than happy to administer medications to your pets.

We also cater for diabetic pets as well, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements in relation to this matter.